so I was looking for something to show how my math test went and…

I found NOTHING… not even the animation i found a couple days ago -__- but I did find…  (me with my manga <3)

LOVE the ears ❤ loved this anime but don’t remember it’s name… Shippo’s drawings of Kagome (pink), Inuyasha (dog) and Koga (wolf) ❤ Inuyasha’s face plummeting into the ground from “sit”, classic

brand new bike…fear the wrath of Kagome 😛 ,this is for Pbecause of his love of Clannad and it’s sofunny,

my sister and I are polar opposites that fight all the time over EVERYTHING, but if she gets hurt… BEWARE! 

just the face… XD  my dog and I right now… 😛 I LOVE my puppies ❤ enough said…, the random awesomeness,

I was OBSESSED with this before Inuyashawho loves Sailor Moon?! ❤ ^_^

this is me with my friends everytime I see them ❤

and lastly… Shessoumaru’s fanfiction nickname…


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