What happened with my math test…

So I have math last period after math and I eat lunch with people who eat lunch after the test… Going around I heard that the test wasn’t that easy and our teacher started off the year by saying that this was going to be that HARDEST TEST and that most people  DON’T DO WELL, so I was pretty nervous but sure that I could at least get the basic ones and work on the harder ones… Now tests are hard enough doing a mark a minute (35 minute test O.o) and it was a calculator less test so I was anticipating the worst along with everyone else… It was so EASY! All but 1 question made sense! And I almost solved that question before running out of time… one other question I had difficulties with I solved with 30 SECONDS LEFT and it was a “justify” question so I know I got it right 😀 I’m still smiley about it  Until tomorrow 


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