So some of my friends are going really crazy about all things Percy Jackson and posting a lot of them on their blogs. I’ve read the first two books of the Lost Hero series and watched the movies and because there are some really cute anime comics and just anime pics of Percy and Annabeth here’s my Percabeth post… (p.s. I’m stealingmost of  these pics from my friends’ blogs :P)

Firstly… I want someone like this!

Lol if only he knew…

this is just really cute and something I want…

This is just cute ❤ (I found this first… take that Gri! :P)

And quite frankly this is just to troll Gri cause I love her and she’s standing over me being mad and laughing at the same time…

I agree with my friends and whoever made this… I think this is how Mark of Athena will start as well…

and finally this is a hilarious really short fanfiction…


one of my friends found this and it’s just brilliant 😛

ps. Do they even have internet?


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