Today at school…

I crammed for economics last night and this morning trying to make sure I understood what I wasn’t understanding in economics for the last two weeks. It’s kind of funny how I learned almost everything I needed to know from youtube rather than in class where it just wasn’t connecting. I could just be though that I was really trying my hardest to understand the material cause I had a test first period… But that’s not the point…I did review the other graphs needed this morning and thankfully I did cause I needed it on the test… Usually I’m all  but I focused and continued to review on the bus and 20 minutes before the test started (to fully lock in everything I put in there the night before) and it worked 😀 My pencil flew across the page and I was so confident and it felt so good… I felt so smart ❤ I was so focused……. just not scowling like kagome is… it wasn’t a math or physics test 😛

Now in chemistry I have no idea what’s going on and I keep asking for help but it still doesn’t make any sense -__- but at least I have friends who try to help me. Physics on the other hand was horrible. I felt so stupid. I asked and watched and payed attention but as usual it makes NO SENSE and ultimately well… this was me, literally…

I have never felt so stupid as I do daily in physics. It’s like that course was made just to make people feel completely stupid and useless. I feel like I’m always the 30% that doesn’t load

So after my mental breakdown I got a couple hugs… I felt better (my crush hugged me <3) but still upset overall… And then my friend Z has 1/2 a kg bag of JELLY BEANS!

and she gives them ALL TO ME! and I love Z to begin with cause she’s awesome and we have so much in common and she’s fun and all the other stuff that comes with being awesome friends… But the giant bag of jelly beans really made my day a lot better  And all through math class we ate the jelly beans and did math I understood and I felt pretty good overall after that ^_^

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