So I am NOT a morning person…

And I LOVE to sleep! But I have been getting a shortage of sleeping lately because I have tennis on Saturdays and have been busy/at sleepovers for Sunday which means not a lot of sleep. Sometimes my sister’s notified by me being awake when I go to the washroom but then I return to my room to go back to bed and comes to wake me up but quickly goes away when she see’s I’m sleeping…

At my dad’s house I can sleep however long I want on Sunday but, at my mom’s house after a certain point my mom wakes me up or sends my little sister to wake me up for her -__- this includes me being attacked by an overactive 10-year old.

Usually I finally get her out of my room with a glare and a fight.

 but then it always gets to the point where you just can’t go back to sleep…

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