Stay away Kikyo…


One comment on “Stay away Kikyo…

  1. Kikyo and Kagome are essentially the same person so i dont think kikyou should stay away cause kagome was from a different so it was suppose to be kikyou with inuyasha but kikyou died and it is up to her reincarnated self to make inuyasha happy.Kagome was raised in this time as a normal girl and Kikyo was in the feudal era as a priestess they are very different they have the same soul but everything else is different, Kagome was allowed to live with her family, go to school hang around with friends, have a boyfriend, Kikyo wasn’t allowed to do what other girls can because she was a priestess she couldn’t have friends or be in love and was destine to die at a young age so it leads to different people although hey have the same soul. and dont get me wrong i love both kagome and kikyou

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