So I’m writing an entry on procrastination… kinda funny because I’m doing it to procrastinate… hmmm… anyways… do you know how hard it to focus when your favourite movie is being watched right under you? i mean to say that I am listening to it with the scenes going through my head while trying to focus on writing a rough draft for an economics paper. To make it worse I have this little thing called the internet which I can’t turn off because I need it for my paper and I have this wonderful addiction to fanfiction with a story I’m in the middle of reading saved and just waiting oh so patiently to read… -__- But in the end this is only a temporary delay because I have another 500 words to write for first period tomorrow because tomorrow we have to return to school 😥

Basically this is me hiding from my economics:

better get to it before i don’t have any time left…


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