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I just started a new blog journalling my journey from who I am to who I will be as I change to a healthier lifestyle cutting out artificial sugars, gluten and lactose. If anyone is interested it is linked below and in a page. I’m also posting recipes for the food I make on it as well 🙂


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Ramblings on life and love

Feel free to skim or skip but I wanted to get this out there. Everyone has something they just have to roll their eyes and groan at when someone says it. Some of mine? “I’m not good enough” and “I don’t deserve…” And “he/she is out of my league…” I’m going to say this and make it as obvious as I can.


This applies to a lot. You know why? Because it’s true. There is nothing you can’t do. Seriously. Have you seen the kind of crazy stuff that people are able to do or try or whatever? It can be truly mind blowing. And then you think, ‘wow, I wish I could do something like that’ Or ‘I could never do that’ and right there is the problem. Once you tell yourself you can’t then you can’t. There are no limits except the ones you set for yourself. Because once you do, you have set a psychological blockade in place. Sure some people will be better at or able to do things that you yourself can’t AT THE MOMENT/RIGHT AWAY. But here is the truly mind-blowing part:

you can be better at it than them

*insert shock and doubt and sarcasm and rolled eyes* it’s a crazy thought! I know. But it’s true. Try things, if you can’t do them and you want to, train and keep at them and you will get there. It might take you longer than others but you will get there. Sound like a dying walrus when you sing? Get a teacher. Everyone can sing, you just need to learn pitch and rhythm. Want to dance? Take classes, watch YouTube tutorials. Scared to do something? Do it with someone else if that’s what it takes. But don’t give up on what you want to do/learn/try because of something someone says or you say. Break the wall, or better yet, don’t put it up!

As for the whole out of someone’s league thing… Oh my gosh. Do you really think that appearances are all that matter or material things? No! I won’t say they have no impact but come on! Love and relationships are mental, physical, and emotional. Seriously. Looks matter initially but even that isn’t always true. There are tons of people who fall in love with someone they say that they normally wouldn’t look twice at. Because their bond is more than physical attraction. I mean, love is unpredictable. It finds us in the most unlikely or places and throws us for loopholes. But if you tell yourself that you are out of someone’s league you are tossing yourself out of their life because your insecurities will tear you apart.

As a side note: Money is not all that important either. I’m not saying it has no bearing, but if that is all that matters or a defining thing then that relationship isn’t right anyways.

Sorry for the long post, was thinking and wanted to get this out 🙂

Why does love hurt?


Being in love does not hurt. Its the disappointments with time that causes the amount of pain to the sorrowing heart. The inevitability that causes us to become entwine of each other, hence giving love an indescribable bliss but coming from such a fallen height it gives the illusion that love is also agony. Love can leave an imprint that can take forever to heal also being a nasty scar. For the weak ones, they give up so easily. They will try at their best to never open themselves to another and giving an artificial strength. But truly, it is those who never give up that are the strongest in this world.

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Happy Birthday Rybee!!! <3 :)

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful boyfriend! ❤ I love you so much and I’m so lucky to have gotten to spend another year with you! 🙂 I hope to day is as special as you are and that you enjoy the cake 😀 I’m sorry I can’t be there with you but I am always here for you ❤ Every moment of every day ❤ We have been through so much together and through everything I know that you love me and that I will always love you ❤ Happy birthday my love ❤ my light ❤ my heart ❤


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in closing… have the bestest birthday ever with cake, partying and happiness 🙂 ❤