I sacrifice my leg if I’m too hot at night XD


Just some random facts


School has just made me completely exhausted both emotionally and mentally… I am so tired all the time now and I just need a good night’s sleep… But when I’m alone it just gets to that point where you’re so tired and alone doing whatever and you just feel so lonely…

but this weekend I will sleep, sleep and sleep some more and only 2 more weeks of school so that’s exciting 🙂

I LOVE my doggies

They just make me happy quite frankly and they’re so awesome. They’re shih tzus and they don’t bark or bite or do anything negative at all. With my little one, Rosie, who was the runt of the litter you can literally just pick her up and treat her like a stuffed animal. And my still small but more average shih tzu sized dog, Sam, he is just so cute an loveable and will give kisses and lay at your feet or in your arms. It is so cute how jealous they get of each other when one gets attention, the other needs to have that attention instead. So cute ❤ They are such lazy dogs… they sleep all day and all night… I have the best dogs ever!

Rosie climbs all over me and quite frankly acts like an adorable kitty, but without the bad attitude 😛

My day…

and when I somehow manage to drag my butt out of bed…I get to freeze waiting for the bus… because it’s CANADA… And my classes are evil and when the teachers ask for an answer and I happen to get it right…  And then by 3rd period I just need a hug cause the day is too long so I go to P2 at the start of physics and feel a bit better…

then there is when there are no more cookies in the caf at lunch……well, you get the idea 😛 and then after math class to sum up a horrifying day of classes… finally the final bell goes and 

I get to stop and relax… until I remember my homework…

When I finally get to bed