This is so perfect XD


So even though for the most part the warm weather is gone once again…

Those 2 weeks of beautiful weather in the 20’s activated my SPRING ALLERGIES!!! and it is so horrible because my sinuses are constantly stuffed up. I always have to blow my nose or sneeze and sometimes my eyes get so very itchy… the sinuses being stuffed up cause the headache I have now and it is just a killer -__-

I’m an optimist…

There is ALWAYS something you can smile about ❤ and there are and will be pessimists but be like this cat…

and there are always people that make us smile from stupid things or sweet things they do ^_^

and friends are great when it comes to raising spirits XD

In the end it’s the little things we take for granted, but they are each an opportunity to smile 🙂

and then there is the internet that makes us smile all the time ^_^

I’m just saying… through all the crummy things in life… there is more than enough good if we just take the time to open our eyes and look


He blowed Up Real Good XD

So recently I started watching the show Supernatural. And when I get into something I get kinda obsessed and that’s why after a week and a bit I’m halfway through season 2. I came across this one scene and I just had to make it a gif and share it because it’s just so funny; mostly because of his face.

…I really need a life -__-‘