He blowed Up Real Good XD

So recently I started watching the show Supernatural. And when I get into something I get kinda obsessed and that’s why after a week and a bit I’m halfway through season 2. I came across this one scene and I just had to make it a gif and share it because it’s just so funny; mostly because of his face.

…I really need a life -__-‘


just chilling with my dad now that my little sis has gone to bed…

and because we’re watching fringe I went and got a BUNCH of gifs so enjoy ^_^


they spent so long to get here–>

and then the storyline had to screw it up

I actually find this quite a funny truth because I sometimes won’t do anything if I don’t get a please because it is so easily forgotten nowadays and it’s so simple… I ask for the magic word from my sister all the time… she doesn’t like that very much… 😛